TornadoTiki: a tiki tempest

Tiki Night at Vintage 56

Vintage 56 restaurant in Rockledge, Florida, hosted a Tiki Night with guest bartenders George Jenkins and Jimi Gonzalez. See the pictures.

Hukilau 2012

South Florida's Hukilau celebrated tiki culture in April 2012. See the pictures.

Brevard Tiki bash

The Brevard Tiki pre-Hukilau party rocked out to the NovaRays as a warmup for The Hukilau. See the pictures.

Zombie Jamboree at Rum Renaissance: Jeff "Beachbum" Berry was the presenter at the Zombie Jamboree at the Mai Kai on April 25, 2011. See the pictures.

Brevard pre-Hukilau party 2011: The Brevard pre-Hukilau party returned April 16, 2011, as a warmup for The Hukilau. See the pictures.

Mod Miami 2011: The first Mod Miami in Miami and Miami Beach featured swankadelic parties, well-dressed bon vivants, groovy entertainment and sleek modern architecture. See the pictures.

Tales of the Cocktail 2010: Tales of the Cocktail 2010 in New Orleans explored the gourmet side of drinking. See the pictures.

'Jungle Fever' tiki event: Visitors got to see old Florida sites, including the Bahi Hut and Sarasota Jungle Gardens. See the pictures.

Hukilau 2010: The Hukilau in Fort Lauderdale had its finale at the beautiful Mai Kai, home of tiki nirvana and fantastic cocktails. See the pictures.

Fun at 'False Idols': Bold Hype Gallery in Orlando had a fantastic opening for its "False Idols" show on April 17, 2010. See the pictures.

The 2010 Brevard Tiki pre-Hukilau party was a blast on April 10 in Rockledge, Florida. See the pictures. Find out more on the Brevard Tiki group on Facebook.

Check out our video and photos from Hukilau 2009!

Space Coast tiki party!

We hosted a Tiki Show & Tell party May 31, 2009, a warm-up for The Hukilau, so folks in Brevard County could get to know one another. See the pictures!

Brevard Tiki
Look for our Brevard Tiki Facebook group. Share Space Coast tiki news and pictures.

Also catch us on Tiki Central as HardBop (George) and TornadoTiki (Chris).


We've been working on our subtropical paradise here in Rockledge, Florida. We have a few tikis by local tiki artists, and we carved our peaked pergola (or tiki temple) to fit the theme. Chris has been busy making tiki mugs, and we'll soon post more pictures of those, too. Here's a taste.

See you at Hukilau!

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